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I am a passionate researcher fluent in many research techniques ranging from standard QN & QL through applied semiotics, photo and video-ethnography, cultural and trend analysis, discourse analysis, story-telling to the narrative approach.
My credo is multidisciplinarity.
I believe in an interdisciplinary approach, in the idea that transcending the scientific realms, integrating different views,  seeing one thing from multiple angles can deliver the unique perspective, and thus uncover new insights and more authentic comprehension generating the genuine "aha experience". 
I believe, it is the only way how to overcome "blind spots", to bridge "gaps in knowledge" regarding consumers, brands and markets and to deliver the true added value.
I can provide you with thorough situational analysis:  to equip you with a tight grasp and crystal clear understanding of your market, of your target consumers, of your category and of your brands' condition. 
I can deliver you a rich, full and juicy picture of "what is going on" in the context you are selling or you are up to sell your products or services.
I hold a doctoral degree in Social Psychology from Charles University of Prague. I have 15 years work experience in marketing and market research. 


  • I deliver arguments, rationale, justification, explanations, validations, support, simply information for correct decision making 
  • I deliver valuable insights:  inspirations, nutrition for new ideas, fuel for new directions, those precious ingredients  for a creation of the New or for improvements of current ones
  • I deliver concrete, tangible information - clues, hints, magic details and also a wider cultural overview on which you as my Client can capitalize on and  use it in your projects - by which you can make your work more efficient, more remarkable, more outstanding and easier
  • I deliver knowledge which enables my Clients to focus on their core business without the hassle of gathering backup information on which they made their decisions. I deliver those necessary evidence and explanations
  • I help my clients to unlock the true potential of their brands or of their companies via brand contextualization, cultural understanding, creative data interpretation and consumers' insight
This what I do, this is what I am good at, this is what I love! 



Nowadays I am open for a cooperation on research projects and ready to be an experienced partner for either research companies or for final Clients
My prices range from 30 € to up to 100 € per hour depending on the project type, its scope and a particular research activities performed





About me

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