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I love research. I love discovering unapparent connections and hidden patterns. I love exploring  meanings emerging from the beneath the surface. I am fascinated by the way how cultures shape our opinions, our understanding, our attitudes, our behavior. Our escape.

I Do Research. 

I provide you with deep understanding of your consumers by:

1.   Revealing consumers' ​wants and expectations toward a given product category or services

2.   Identifying consumers' unmet needs waiting to be addressed and satisfied 

​3. ​  Exploring consumers' perceptions of your brands or brands of your competitors

​4.   Discovering how these perceptions are being created and how to change them

​5. ​  Identifying motivations of your consumers to choose your products over competitors' ones

​6.   Showing what consumers think and feel when encountering your company or your brands 

​7.   Revealing what kind of experience your company delivers and how to improve it 

​8.   Showing what consumers think and feel about your (planned) communication campaign 

9.  Identifying what elements to change to deliver what you plan to deliver by your ads


And a lot more....



I provide you with a market and cultural insights by:


1.  Revealing deeper cultural conditions that shape people's responses to given categories​​

​2.  Identifying sets of cultural standards, norms and conventions connected to given category

3. ​ Identifying local consumptions habits and attitudes toward products or categories ​​​​

4.  Mapping expectations toward categories in context of their cultural meanings ​​​​

5. ​ Exploring consumers' beliefs and values connected to your brands or category

6.  Discovering cultural myths and unconscious motivators influencing given category 

7.  Analyzing media communication and advertising of a given category to discover mainstream messages shaping consumers' perception and expectations

8.  Mapping brand rhetoric and brand root metaphors shaping given category 

9.  Identifying cultural shifts and identifying emerging trends in your product category


And a lot more...


I can organize a quantitative study for you: ensuring its proper prices in a standard quality based on my knowledge of local providers 




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