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Semiotics is a discipline which makes the invisible visible.  Semiotics can show you how a culture operates: it shows you how the numerous, at the first sight unconnected or unrelated things, events, moments, factors which are outside of your business or outside of your product category, are, in reality, affecting your business.

Thinking Outside of Box

Semiotics provides you keys and clues to understand "what is going on":  what is happening and not only in the category you operate in but also opens you the whole picture,  the whole culture, in which you are selling your brands. It shows you how your brands are connected to "the world out there", how they are linked to other categories, how they are linked to the society outside,  what roles your products play in your consumers lives. Semiotics shows you your brand true meaning in the context of the whole Brandscape.  Semiotics can show you in detail which changes and how specifically affect your business, your category and your brand.




Beyond the Explicit


Semiotics gives you much more than consumers are willing or able to say. Semiotics helps you discover those subtle, unconscious needs, beliefs  and meanings of your consumers which cannot be articulated by them, since they are either latent, hidden in their subconscious, or so deeply naturalized and encoded into their culture that taken for granted and hardly speakable.

However latent, taken for granted, natural and trivial they are, they  still shape the consumers’ experience, their expectations and the most importantly, their desires, their yearnings.



Semiotics Outcomes


Semioticians can decode all existing cultural signs coming from different sources:  pop-culture, gender issues, family life, working life, etc. and, based on that, give you hints, ideas, hypothesis of how to re-code your brand,  how to signify your brand in a  way to make it relevant for your consumers or for  potential users. Semiotics can help you tackle those implicit, unconscious needs and “issues” by  tangible signs and symbols and materialise them into visuals, TV ads, packaging, etc. While standard research techniques are excellent tools for validating existing ideas,  semiotics is a strategic instrument for discovering novelty, for discovering and generating new ideas, it is an instrument for fostering innovation, for awakening inspiration and  for bringing a new perspective.

What is Semiotics

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